Realistic Earning Potential Writing for Examiner

Realistic Earning Potential Writing for Examiner

Although Examiner has been in the freelance space for some time now, the need for local online content has inspired Examiner to offer more freelancers to take advantage. Making a realistic part, or even full-time income is possible if you stick to your main fundamentals of writing skill while peppering in just enough SEO gravy on top to keep the revenue stream flowing. Following some simple, but important tried and true tips will guide you in your journey for financial independence.

Augment your writing technique

In a perfect world, writers would have complete creative control of content while making a small fortune in the process, I have seen many of them providing custom college essay writing service or articles in the free time. Unfortunately, that ship sailed just before the dot com boom. In the web content space, key words are king. Even if you’re taking on a local fluff piece about Blanche’s flower shop on main street, proper key word placement will keep a penny a click coming your way for years to come. No one is saying you can’t retain your wit, style, and savvy. Just use a keen eye for SEO during your editing process for the best results. This will also save time in the long run during the promotion process.

Mind on your money, money on your mind

If you liken revenue centric writing as a complete sell-out, you still have at least two options. The first is to give up writing online content unless it’s a good, fun hobby. The second is to allocate a certain number of articles each month that are written in a revenue centric model. This way you retain your edge and pay for the Mini at the same time.

Work it

Despite how horrible it is to admit, our parents were right to say “You’ll only get out of it what you put in”. This couldn’t be more true when trying to make a decent living in the freelance space. Examiner falls right in line with this virtue. If fact, Examiner goes a tad bit further when holding writers accountable for content. Article assignments are on deadline with consequences for the contrary. Many writers I’ve contacted find deadlines either love or hate this. Like it or not, hard workers win. Welcome to America.

Keeping it simple has always worked for me in love and life. Your freelancing success with Examiner can be just as simple. Take a business eye to your writing, know your finances, and work hard. Good luck on your journey!